Across the ocean, from the heart of the Balkans, we bring you Rakija Lounge. Our motherland, the Southeast region of Europe, is known for generous and humorous people, unparalleled cuisine, and among other traits, an alcoholic drink with a distinctive smell and taste—rakija (pronounced as ra-kee-ya). You’ll be able to dive into the flavors of our dishes, and strong and dainty homemade rakijas. South Beach knows no such place like ours, and you’ll get a true Balkan experience, from food, parties, and hookahs, to irreplaceable rakijas.



We come from big families, where gatherings and recipe exchange are a part of our identity. We met on a cruiser and that’s how our American story began. We’ve come to understand the diversity of American cuisine, and our dream was to open a Serbian restaurant in a place that’s closest to our hearts – Miami. Today, we pride ourselves on impeccable service, outstanding culinary experience, and the love that drives our work.

You’re more than welcome to Rakija Lounge. Our staff will take good care of you!



From the awesome hostess, to the amazing waitress, to the absolutely delicious food and drinks we were very impressed with everything about Rakija lounge! Thank you!

Bella Barecatt

Can’t begin to tell you how friendly and kind staff and owners are. My best friend and I stumbled upon this place. Please visit! Food and drinks are amazing….music is spot on and the atmosphere is relaxing and inviting!

Tammy Parker Landis

Limetree is amazing! Great food, great drinks, and such a great atmosphere. If you’re thinking about having some great Balkan food this is the place to go! So delicious.

Sejla Karovic

This is the best place that we visit during our vacation. Great food, very friendly and customer oriented staff, makes this place a champion in the area. We enjoyed dinner and recommend – if you in Miami Beach, definitely visit this restaurant.

Yakov Geller

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