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The secret of our success
A distinctive, well-preserved and comfortable space, high-quality products, authentic cuisine, food and drinks are done flawlessly.
How it all began

We come from big families, where gatherings and recipe exchange are a part of our identity. We met on a cruiser and that’s how our American story began. We’ve come to understand the diversity of American cuisine, and our dream was to open a Serbian restaurant in a place that’s closest to our hearts – Miami. Today, we pride ourselves on impeccable service, outstanding culinary experience, and the love that drives our work.

Across the ocean, from the heart of the Balkans, we bring you Rakija Lounge. Our motherland, the Southeast region of Europe is known for its generous and humorous people, unparalleled cuisine, and among other traits, an alcoholic drink with a distinctive smell and taste—rakija (pronounced as ra-kee-ya). You’ll be able to dive into the flavors of our dishes, and strong and dainty homemade rakija. South Beach knows no such place like ours, and you’ll get a true Balkan experience, from food, parties, and hookahs, to irreplaceable rakija.

What People Are Saying
My husband and I had such a great experience here! It’s so nice to get a taste of back home again. Food was fresh every time we went, drinks were great, and the service was phenomenal! I’ll definitely be returning anytime I’m back in Miami.
Daniela C.
What a dream is this restaurant… one of the best cevapi I ever tried in my life. Awesome drinks, exceptional service and the atmosphere is just amazing.
Lazaros Kampouris
Great service, vibes, and happy hour. It starts with warm greetings and ends with genuine goodbyes. It's clear that everyone who comes here wants to have a good time, staff included. It feels like a family. If you haven't been here before then you are missing out on a gem in Miami. If nothing else, order a cocktail, take a shot of plum rakija and order a plate of Ćevapi for snacking.
Arimal Rebma
There was a Miscommunication with the food but when i tell you these people made it their business to make sure i was happy with everything including the experience!!! They brought me a birthday sash and shots for the table and they just made mu whole birthday!!!! I absolutely love the people working here and love their dedication to the customers. Highly recommend!!!
Tziah Rorie
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