Best Foods and Drinks to Pair With Hookah

November 22, 2021

“One Thousand and One Nights” hookah lounge ideas made these places just perfect for small social gatherings or big parties. At these spots, you can enjoy your privacy and still have the opportunity to mingle around and meet new people. To make the hookah experience more enjoyable, add up some delicious food and good drinks to it.

Matching Hookah and Food 

  • Greasy Food

Pairing hookah and food is not an easy task, although it may seem like that. Some flavors are not complementary and don’t go together. Give greasy food a miss when choosing food to pair with hookah. Oily foods may go heavy on your stomach and ruin all the fun. 

  • Spicy Food

Hot and spicy foods make your taste and smell buds go numb, resulting in losing the shisha’s flavor, especially if it’s weaker. 

  • Finger food

Hold to breadsticks and other types of dry food. Snacks go great with hookah since they don’t leave a strong aftertaste and can easily be rinsed off. At first, hookah and food may not seem like an ideal mix, but the right kind of bite will refresh your taste buds and make the smoking more pleasurable.

  • Fruit

Fruits are a great choice of food to pair with a smoking water pipe. Not only are fruits light food and energize you, but they also make your body hydrated. If you smoke tobacco with nicotine, staying hydrated is essential since consuming a lot of nicotine can make you dizzy and even sick. 

Pairing up Hookah and Drinks

  • Coffee

Some hookah lounge ideas propose more oriental vibes. Smoking a hookah and having a cup of coffee is a combination that goes back in time and makes the whole practice of being around for so long totally understandable. With its bitter and sharp taste, coffee, preferably espresso or a cup of strong Turkish coffee, is an excellent choice of drink to pair with hookah. When combining these two, you should go on for pure tobacco leaf flavor or more neutral flavors. Fruit-flavored shisha leaves the sweet and tenacious aftertaste in your mouth, which is hard to wash off with just coffee. If you are more of a fruit flavor hookah type of person, you would definitely want to try out our next drink suggestion.

  • Milk

You’ve probably heard about how drinking milk is the way to neutralize the taste of hot and spicy food? It may seem strange and slightly in an “ A Clockwork Orange” manner, but having a glass of cold milk combined with fruit-flavored shisha takes the smoking experience onto another level. Cold milk gently rinses the tobacco flavor and makes space for another puff to be fresher and another sip to be more luscious. Besides fruity flavors, another one that goes great with milk is minty flavored shisha. It’s the same with smoking the water pipe. If you are a fan of tobacco with a more intensive aroma, milk is your best choice of drinks to pair it with hookah. 

  • Alcoholic Beverages

To avoid that dull feeling you get on your taste buds after smoking hookah, you can spice it up with an alcoholic drink. When it comes to beer, stick to wheat beers or IPAs to heighten the experience. Whiskey and bourbon go well with tobaccos that have a more woody and intense flavor. 

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