Discover Balkan Specialties at Rakija Lounge’s in Miami

April 22, 2024

If you’re seeking a taste of the Balkans in the heart of Miami, Rakija Lounge stands out as a vibrant destination offering an authentic balkan experience. And now, there’s an even more attractive reason to visit—their Happy Hour specials!

Located in the center of Miami, Rakija Lounge invites you to their Happy Hour offerings from Monday to Friday, between 12pm to 7pm. Whether you’re looking to taste traditional Balkan cuisine or sip on unique cocktails, Rakija Lounge has something special in store.

Delicious Appetizers at Half Price

During Happy Hour, all appetizers are an impressive 50% off, making it the perfect opportunity to sample a variety of flavors. From savory Grilled Octopus, a Mediterranean dish, to crispy Burek-Balkan phyllo dough, filled with cheese and spinach, each bite promises an authentic taste of the Balkan region.

Refreshing Drinks at Great Prices

Quench your thirst with a selection of drinks priced just right for Happy Hour. Enjoy a cold beer or a glass of wine for only $5.95, or treat yourself to one of Rakija Lounge’s signature cocktails for just $7.95. These cocktails are prepare with passion and love, mixed with traditional Balkan alcohol like rakija beside fresh ingredients for a truly unique taste.

Hookah for an Unforgettable Experience

For those looking to elevate their Happy Hour experience, try out our hookah for $30. Choose from a variety of flavors- taste the strawberry, lemon or the well-known, Love 66, Hookah, in the chilling atmosphere of Rakija Lounge’s outdoor seating area.

A Vibrant Atmosphere

Beyond the incredible deals, Rakija Lounge offers a welcoming ambiance that transports guests to the lively streets of the Balkans. Whether you’re seated indoors or outside under the Miami sky, the restaurant’s energetic vibe lift every dining experience.

Rakija Lounge’s Balkan Party- every Tuesday

Our Balkan parties are legendary gatherings that bring the vibrant atmosphere of the Balkans to Miami. With lively music, traditional dances, you will feel how the Balkan people are having fun! These Tuesday parties are a celebration of culture and community that unite all the guests at Rakija Lounge. So all you can expect is an electrifying atmosphere filled with laughter, dancing, and the joyful faces all around you! Whether you’re a newcomer curious about Balkan traditions or someone looking to reconnect with your roots, Rakija Lounge’s Balkan parties offer an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of this dynamic region.

Why Visit Rakija Lounge’s Happy Hour?

Rakija Lounge’s Happy Hour isn’t just about discounted food and drinks—it’s a chance to discover and appreciate Balkan culture right here in Miami. The menu reflects an enthusiasm to authentic flavors, ensuring each dish and drink is a celebration of tradition and innovation.

So, whether you’re meeting friends after work or simply wishing a unique culinary adventure, Rakija Lounge’s Happy Hour is not to be missed. With its reduced prices, flavorful offerings, and inviting atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination to taste the best of Balkan cuisine and hospitality.

Visit Rakija Lounge during Happy Hour and start the culinary journey that will leave you planning your next visit. Experience Miami’s own slice of the Balkans—where every bite and sip tells a story of rich and modern gift.

Cheers to good times at Rakija Lounge!