Everybody loves an easy and tasty breakfast

September 21, 2022

You’re missing out on what is perhaps the best meal of the day if you still eat cold cereal every morning. Nothing is better than a warm and satisfying meal to make things better when your eyes are droopy and your brain is still fuzzy. The breakfast you eat can determine how the remainder of your day will go.

Here are some ideas for an easy and tasty breakfast :

  1. Eggs Benedict

The iconic American breakfast and brunch dish, eggs benedict, was created in New York City. It consists of a toasted English muffin that has been sliced in half and topped with poached eggs, Canadian bacon, and traditional Hollandaise sauce. It is opulent, filling, and indulgent

Eggs benedict

2. Cinnamon French Toast

It is one of those go-to breakfast or brunch recipes you serve on the weekends because it’s oh-so-delicious and fulfills that need for something sweet to start the day. Bonus? It is super simple to make and can be on the table in less than 30 minutes!

Best when paired with warm maple syrup, crispy bacon slices, and a giant bowl of fresh fruit. You cannot go wrong with this homemade French toast.

Cinnamon French Toast

3. Buttermilk Pancakes

The ‘’classic’’ breakfast. The star of the morning spread, pancakes can even be characterized as having a “deeply breakfasty” flavor profile that is eggy, salty, and just on the verge of becoming sweet. Those fluffy stacks with crisped edges and ladles of maple syrup are everything you want, exactly when you want them. They’re a little indulgent but somehow still appropriate first thing in the morning.

You should never skip breakfast as it is the day’s most important meal. Visit Rakija Lounge and start your day right with a tasty breakfast!

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