Hookah Setup Guide

March 23, 2022

Okay. So you’ve just received a package with your new water pipe. What’s next?

Before you start enjoying your smoke sessions, you have to learn how to set up a hookah. Furthermore, you should know how much water you put in a hookah and how to use it properly. 

This article will teach you all of that. Besides, it will help you create the ambiance you get from going to a hookah bar.

What Does the Hookah Kit Contain?

Before learning how to set up a hookah, you should know the parts of every hookah kit:

  1. The hookah vase is the base of the setup. It carries the stem, tray, and bowl. Besides holding the whole water pipe together, it also preserves and filters the smoke into the hose. 
  2. Grommets create an airtight seal and clasp the water pipe parts. Every hookah kit contains three main grommets – hose, bowl, and base gasket.
  3. The shaft is the part that enables the smoke to run from the bowl to the base. 
  4. The tray holds the excess tobacco and charcoal ashes when they fall.
  5. The bowl is a part that holds the shisha. It can come in clay, metal, or silicon.  
  6. The charcoal screen separates tobacco and charcoal. You can also use aluminum foil for this purpose. 
  7. The hose is a part that enables you to inhale the smoke. 

How to Set Up a Hookah?

To grasp how to use a hookah, first, you should set it up properly.

– Wash the hookah using a soft brush and water. Do this with every part, except the hoses, since these are usually not water-proof.

– Wipe it with a towel and leave it to air dry.

– Fill up the base with cold water. 

– Place the water pipe shaft into the base. The grommet at the top of the base will make the connection airtight.

– Connect the hoses into the holes on the shaft. These holes should also be airtight fits.

– Position the tray on the top of the shaft.

– Check if all the grommets grasped the parts securely.

How Much Water Do You Put In a Hookah?

If you have a regular size water pipe, fill it to cover the tip of the metal stem or just a bit more. That is about 1 inch of the metal stem. 

Learning about how much water you put in a hookah is important for several reasons. If you put too much water, there won’t be enough space for smoke to run freely. Also, you risk the water getting in the hookah bowl and the hose. 

How to Use a Hookah?

After you’ve connected all parts, it is time to try out your water pipe. If you don’t know how to use hookahs, these tips will help you master it quickly.

– Stir up the shisha with your fingers and drop it into the bowl. 

– Fill the bowl almost to the top. Leave a small space above the shisha, so it doesn’t get burned.

– Cover the bowl with aluminum foil or charcoal screen.

– Place the bowl on the shaft.

– If you’re using aluminum foil, use a toothpick to poke holes on the surface. This way, you’ll provide the heat and the air to run freely. 

– Light a few pieces of coal and place them on the foil.

– Wait for a few minutes for shisha to warm up before starting your smoking session.

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