How to Use a Hookah: Beginners Guide

July 12, 2019

Traditional methods of consuming tobacco are coming back in style, and arguably the most popular of them all is the hookah. Today, it seems, everyone is a hookah aficionado, with people standing in lines to try out a new flavor that just came out. That being said, if you never tried smoking tobacco from a Hookah, it can look intimidating at first. But rest assured, most people that are new to the concept are not exactly sure how to smoke a hookah. So, you’re not alone. 

To assist you with your first ever Hookah experience, we wrote this beginner’s guide that can help you learn the ropes and show off your smoke-blowing tricks to your friends.

Picking the Best Flavor Shisha

Shisha is the tobacco substance you smoke through the device and can come in a variety of flavors. While what’s the best flavor will always be a subjective topic, starting out with reliable brands and their highly rated products will ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Never Smoke on an Empty Stomach

Traditionally you should always have a meal or at least a snack before a smoking session. Traditions aside, smoking on an empty stomach might make you feel lightheaded or even sick, especially if it’s your first time. We recommend a quick appetizer like a plate of ceviche.

Ask an Employee to Help You Set It Up

If your first time smoking a hookah is at a lounge bar, ask the employees to pack your bowl. It’s not exactly rocket science, but getting it right will guarantee a pleasant smoking session. If you’re doing it on your own, make sure you pack the bowl as fluffy as possible. This will allow the heat and air to flow evenly. Also, always ask for a disposable mouthpiece and slip it on when it’s your turn to take a pull. 

Inhale Lightly

Remember not to get over excited and pull in more than you can take. Inhale slowly and lightly, taking small breaks in between. As you inhale, the smoke will go through the device and into the mouthpiece. Exhale and savor the flavor.

Don’t Rush It

It’s important to remember to take your time when smoking through a hookah. If the device has more than one hose, make sure you’re not drawing smoke at the same time as someone else. Two people using the hookah at once will cause the coal burn too hot, resulting in a bitter and unsatisfying pull. This will also make the tobacco burn a lot faster, shortening your session. 

Remember to Relax and Chill Out

A hookah smoking session is meant to be a relaxing experience that should last at least an hour. Sit back and casually take a puff or two while you bask in the fantastic taste and sensations. Hookah smoking brings people together, and it’s the best way to spend time with your friends and enjoy their company. If it’s your first time, the richness of the flavored tobacco might even make you feel a mellow buzz. 

There you have it, now you have a basic grasp of how to smoke a hookah. At our restaurant, we only serve the best quality of hookah – Al Fakher tobacco. If you are 18 or older and you’re curious to try it out, stop by our Miami Beach hookah bar and we’ll gladly set up a session for you. Rakija Lounge covers topics related to tasty food, great drinks, and mesmerizing hookah flavors, so make sure to keep up with our blog.

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