Interesting Serbian Culture and Traditions

December 17, 2018

We already talked about some of the staple dishes that the Serbian cuisine is known for, but in order to better understand where all the delicious flavors come from, we need to dig into their culture and traditions that span several centuries. Today we are going to touch on all the peculiar and interesting facts about Serbiaand talk about what makes the people living in this small country so proud of their heritage.

Serbs Love to Celebrate

Serbs are your definition of a happy-go-lucky nation. These cheerful people love to celebrate every chance they get, and they are extremely vocal about it. Oh, they also want to get everyone involved! Whether it is a public holiday or the national sports team won a medal, you’ll definitely know about it.

Even if you are a foreigner in their country, they’ll make sure you tag along for all the fun. There will be fireworks going off for hours, people dancing on the streets, cars honking, and this will go on late into the night. If you thought the 4th of July can get a little crazy, you should see what a typical Serbian wedding looks like.

They Have Their Own Unique Holidays

Speaking of celebration, every Serbian family has their own patron saint that they celebrate once a year. This holiday is known as a “slava” and is a uniquely Serbian religious tradition.

On this day, the family throws a huge feast for all their friends to enjoy. Apart from a plethora of delicious dishes, some of which you are already familiar with, the feast includes a ritual type of bread that is broken into pieces and spread among the table. There is also a special dessert made from boiled wheat called “Koljivo,” but instead of serving it after the main dish, you are greeted with it before even being seated.

Their Language Transcends Borders

More interesting facts about Serbia include their language. First of all, it’s the only European language that utilizes both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet to the same extent. While government documents are mainly written in the Cyrillic alphabet, everything else features both. Most importantly, you won’t have a hard time reading their food menus.

Another great thing about their language is that it can be used outside of the countries borders. If you manage to pick up a few Serbian words, you’ll be able to communicate in most neighboring countries to a certain degree.

There Are Endless Fields of Raspberries

Serbia is the 4th overall country worldwide in the production of raspberries, right behind Russia, Poland, and the United States. Aside from plums, apples, and apricots, Serbia has been cultivating raspberries for centuries, and it’s a part of their tradition. They also use raspberries to make a fruit preserve called “slatko”. If you ever have a chance, order a pancake drizzled with this delicious jam-like topping. It’s to die for.

It’s All About Family, Friendship, and Hospitality

Something, closely tied to their cuisine is the way they treat their closest ones, their fellow countrymen, but also complete strangers. Hospitality is very important to them, so even if you are just a tourist in Serbia, you’ll be showered with kindness and affection. This is something that perfectly translates into their food. It’s like you can taste it. That’s why the expression ”cooking with heart” is synonymous with the Serbian cuisine.

If you liked these interesting Serbian culture facts, we have more upcoming posts on the topic, so make sure to check our blog. If, on the other hand, you want to taste some of the traditional dishes from this region, our Rakija Lounge features most of them on the menu, so make sure to stop by!

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