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December 21, 2022

Every day we are trying to be better and unique. We take many steps to achieve the ultimate goal; – make our place so comfortable that the guests feel like a family.

Two weeks ago, we read the best review we ever got! And we are beyond happy if everyone who enters Rakija Lounge feels the same as Aleks Chonevski.

Take a look at his detailed and unique review of Rakija Lounge.

Rakija unified people

The Rakija Lounge is in the heart of South Beach’s art deco district.

When you enter the lounge, you hear accents. Voices in different languages such as Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Bulgarian, and English – the first question is always in English, asking where you are from, and then the second sentence immediately switches into a familiar Balkan language as though they’ve known each other forever.

The manager, Bogdan, will enthusiastically welcome you and is everywhere with everyone; he never stops keeping an eye on everything. There is a proverb: “Satisfied customers always come back.” He appears to know everyone, and his patrons always return.

Marko, the bartender, asked me what he could do for me in English, however since Bogdan was there, he gave Marko a better suggestion in Serbian, instead of a whisky, make me one of Rakija Lounge’s signature drinks, an old-fashion. This drink was so good that I had three. After their signature drink, I was served the best cevapi with pita bread, onion, and kajmak (goat cheese) before partaking in Balkan-style baklava. The VIP section was packed with beautiful Balkans, delicious food, hookahs, and happy faces. Around 10 pm, the Rakija Lounge and patio were packed. Serbian music from the 80s and 90s never stopped while patrons sang at the bar and patio tables, all thanks to cool vibes from DJ Vlad. The thrilling atmosphere warmed Balkan hearts, while DJ Vlad’s songs appealed to everyone, not only Balkan but international tourists and local Floridians.

I came back the following week for a business meeting. This time I went with my Macedonian and Serbian friends. The service continued to be exceptional. Our server was an educated Albanian woman who was fast and friendly. She served an exquisite Balkan wine along with excellent mixed grill plates of kajmak, pita bread, ustipci (a blend of chopped meats wrapped around cheese), Shopska (Balkan-styled salads), and Macedonian and Serbian beers. Our entire meal was so delicious and tasted as good as back home.

The Rakija Lounge is a fantastic and unique place to hear international music and listen to stories as you meet and connect with Balkan guests and locals. This lounge is one of the best places in south Florida to visit, and stress will float away after a few shots of rakija.

I look forward to seeing the Word Soccer Match with my hybrid Balkan buddies, eating delicious authentic Balkan food, feeling pampered by the excellent service, and relaxing in the cozy atmosphere. Thank you, Rakija staff.

Aleks Chonevski

The team of Rakija Lounge wants to address a huge thank you and a round of applause for this thorough review describing our place as it is.

Visit Rakija Lounge,1131 Collins Ave. Take a chance to experience the best, and leave us a review 😊

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