Rakija Lounge Presents: A Brush with Beauty at Miami Art Week with Ivana de Armas and Vasilije

December 7, 2023

Miami Art Week, the highly anticipated annual event that transforms the city into a vibrant hub of creativity, is just around the corner! From December 4th to December 10th, the Magic City will host an array of international art fairs, creating a sensory and social extravaganza unlike any other.

This year, Rakija Lounge is proud to announce the participation of two incredible artists, Ivana de Armas and Vasilije, who will bring their unique artistic vision to this cultural celebration.

Nestled in the heart of the cultural phenomenon, Rakija Lounge provides the perfect backdrop for these exceptional artists. The lounge’s inviting ambiance and commitment to showcasing diverse artistic expressions make it an ideal venue for the convergence of art and culture during Miami Art Week.

Rakija Lounge provides the perfect setting for this creative convergence in the Miami Art Week excitement. The lounge’s inviting atmosphere, complemented by a commitment to showcasing diverse artistic expressions, sets the stage for an unforgettable celebration of art and culture.

Save the date: 4-10 DECEMBER // Rakija Lounge // Art Basel