The Best Drinks to Enjoy With Hookah

February 19, 2021

With so many hookah flavors, you might think that there’s no reason to bother with drinks and spoil the taste of your puff. However, when you pair the right hookah and drinks, you might as well boost the experience entirely. Not to mention that it would do you good to stay hydrated while smoking tobacco. That said, let’s jump straight into the best possible pairings for true hookah enthusiasts.

Hookah and Milk

Now if you want to try something truly intriguing, you definitely can’t go wrong with having a glass of milk paired up with your hookah. Don’t diss it until you get a sip of cold milk after a couple of puffs. You’re bound to experience a whole new level of freshness. What’s more, a glass of milk mixed with cocoa powder can serve as a perfect snack as well. Dairy-free hookah lovers can opt for soya or almond milk as well, flavored or regular. The key here is to keep your milky beverage cold.

Hookah and Fresh Juice

If you’re not in the mood for experimenting with your hookah and drink combos, yet you still find you need to quench your thirst as you smoke, the go-to solution would be a fresh juice. In that sense, a freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit, or even lemonade may be the ideal choice to keep you refreshed as well as add an energy boost.

Hookah and Coffee or Tea

Regardless of the time of day, when you smoke hookah you can always pair it with coffee. For starters, this energizing beverage effectively neutralizes the tobacco taste. Therefore, you’ll be able to enjoy your sessions even longer than usual, rediscovering the hookah flavors again and again with each puff. Another great power of hookah and coffee combination is that together they allow you to heighten your senses and concentration. Of course, if you want to do some hookah in the evening and go to sleep afterward, you can always use decaf coffee.

In the end, if you’re simply not a coffee person yet you’re interested in experiencing the concentration boost and purification of your senses during the hookah session, don’t hesitate to try a combo with black or green mint tea.

Hookah and Alcohol

Pairing hookah with alcohol will surprise no one as this is the ideal pairing for many a party. However, instead of trying a bunch of different cocktails that might affect the hookah flavor, it’s best to stick to basic alcoholic beverages such as cider, beer, and wine. In general, the beer hookah combo is the most popular but make sure to choose a beer that’s lighter in color and lower in alcohol volume. Otherwise, you might lose too much of the tobacco flavor.

In case you’re up for some cider, a natural tasting one is the best choice. But if you still crave some sweet cider opt for a minty hookah instead. It’s all about creating that perfect balance.

Wine lovers will need to be a bit calculating as well. If you want to do a sweeter hookah, opt for a dry wine. On the other hand, if you enjoy a minty hookah more, you can pair it with a sweeter wine.

Keep in mind though that alcohol content doesn’t have to make a difference. If you have to drive after your visit to a hookah bar and alcohol place, simply order non-alcoholic beer or cider. Safety first!

Hookah and Water

Even though there’s nothing exciting about it, water is definitely the best drink choice to pair with hookah. You’ll stay hydrated so that you can enjoy your session longer. What’s more, if you add some mint leaves, cucumber, and/or lemon to your water, you’ll get yourself a truly refreshing experience.

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