Summer specials drink recommendation

July 4, 2022

Step by step, the fresh and humid temperatures made space for warmer weather, opening doors for the summer.

Once the kids are asleep, after-work get-togethers are held outside to enjoy a drink, and on the weekends, barbecues are hosted at homes to spend time with friends and family.

Personally, we believe that every situation calls for a particular beverage. It is true that once the heat hits, you won’t want to drink strong red wines that have aged for a long time, white wines that have gone through barrel fermentation, or some distillates.

Our whole team at Rakija Lounge made a list for the top 3 summer specials drinks, so let’s go:


A great option for exploring and savoring a fine rum drink without becoming lost in a sea of ingredients is the Daiquiri and its countless variants.



2cl simple sugar syrup

2.5cl fresh lime juice

5cl Rum

Serbian sex

Something we combined with summer and Balkan. It is sweet but at the same time, you can feel the rakija coming through your throat. A summer drink you don’t want to miss.

Serbian Sex




Orange juice


Aperol Spritz

Aperol is a bitter orange beverage if you’ve never tried it (some say too bitter). As a result, it makes for a terrific aperitif that will fire your appetite. The Prosecco lightens the beverage and provides the needed touch of cooling when it is steaming heated.



1part Aperol

3parts Prosecco

Orange slice for garnish

We hope we helped you a little bit with your choice of what to drink in this hot weather. If you want to try our summer drinks special or our specials from Balkan like Serbian sex and Macedonian martini, come to Rakija Lounge and give it a shot.

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